Machines tournantes et lutte anti-abrasion

Fight aggainst abrasion wear and rotating machine

Chaudronnerie, 3D scanner et robotique

Metal sheet works, 3D scanner and robotics

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Located on the south of France nearby Marseille, APPLIC’ACIER is a medium and heavy steel metal sheet workshop. Vents, fans, abrasion less products and hard facing are some of our knowledge.

APPLIC'ACIER includes many complementary know how in engineering (design, modeling, 3D scan) and also offers the manufacture, repair, welding and on site assembly. Site works are also an important part of our business.

For over 35 years, APPLIC'ACIER acquired a true mastery in this area of high specific activity. His expertise is now recognized and appreciated by its customers, including: ArcelorMittal, Ascométal, Lafarge, Alcan, Kerneos, CFF.



Rotating Machines

Metal sheet works


Fight against abrasion wear

Copper and copper alloys

3D Scanner

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